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    New Projects, New Design
    As you may have noticed, I just updated the graphics on this page. All are created by me. It tooks some doing, but I'm very pleased with the results. If anyone is interested, the Chinese character on the left means "devoid," according to one site I found. Of course, I'm no expert and it could mean "I dance in my underwear," but I'll just go with it for now. Devoid was one of the closest meanings I could find to the word "lacuna," so it seemed to fit.

    Anyway, on the right sidebar, you will notice some new stuff has been added. I am slowly working my way through an e-book, and you can view the progress at writing.mathoni.com. I have also started another site that will be full of writer's resources, which can be accessed at writer.lacuna.us. Hope you enjoy all my projects. Feel free to let me know what you think.
    05 Mar 2006 by matt

    New sub site
    My brother and I are working collaboratively on a new project we call "Teach them Correct Principles." It is an informative LDS site that builds off my LDS links page. You can reach this new site at http://correctprinciples.lacuna.us. Feel free to check it out and let us know what it needs. This new feature is only available because I changed hosts.

    Oh, I should also warn you that my old blog is down and unlikely to come back up. I may post an archive, but that's it. For now, I'm using (or underusing) the Missing Piece blog, but I may change to something on-site in the future. We shall see.
    02 Jan 2006 by matt

    New server
    Well, I have gone and gotten a new server. Nice as the old one was, this new one is better. More space, bandwidth, databases, users, emails, more everything. They are Bluehost and I get nothing for promoting them. Unfortunately, the switch means some scripts and such will be down until I get them back up. However, once I do (like I did for this news service), it will be better than ever. Or something. You should see some changes pretty soon. Enjoy.
    28 Dec 2005 by matt

    Links and LDS stuff
    My LDS page continues to have absolutely the most traffic and attention on my entire web page, so I am devoting a lot of time to it, lately, in conjunction with my LDS Blog, Teach them Correct Principles. I have been writing a bit for that, and in fact, that is where most of my creative energies go these days. I did add some more links to some of the other link pages, but that is secondary to the energy put into this LDS stuff. Enjoy and please feel free to send me comments.
    31 Oct 2005 by matt

    Updates still coming
    I have done some extensive reworking of the links page and ended up breaking it up into multiple smaller pages. Easily, the most active page is the LDS or Mormon page. That is interestingly enough one of the places that sees the most traffic on my site. So, hey, I'll keep up the work there. Any links you want to send my way that fit that site, feel free.

    Also, I have been working in a handful of other places. First, there is the official Lacuna.us forumspace, where my brother and I have discussions about the LDS faith. Anyone can join in the fun.

    Next is the brand new Teach Them Correct Principles blog, my attempt at a Mormon blog (co-authored by my brother) that will have semi-polished pieces of writing on the gospel.

    Lastly, I am spending some good time on my other new blog, The Missing Piece. Feel free to check these all out and send me comments. Thanks.
    16 Oct 2005 by matt

    New article and lots of links
    I have been pretty actively working on my LDS links page, but I still made time to rework an old essay I wrote a long time ago about Utah Drivers. It is not meant to be taken entirely seriously, but the original satire was flat, so I had to rework it. I'm pretty happy with the new version of this essay and hope you will enjoy it.
    11 Sep 2005 by matt

    Fixed some stuff
    The Links page was not really organized for a while. I have put some extensive work into that, added some categories, and broke out another seperate links section, for LDS or Mormon links. Along with the comics links, I have put the LDS links off to the left of the page. There is a lot there to check out, both positive and negative, if you have any interest at all in the Latter Day Saints. I am actively adding to that page, and have been putting up links provided by my brother, Jonathan, too. If you have any input, good or bad, feel free to contact me.
    05 Sep 2005 by matt

    New review of some importance
    Well, as the summer draws to a close, I have finally updated again. I have reviewed Birkenstock sandals, which you might enjoy. I also have started (but not completed by any means) an impressive Comic links page to show you the impressive talent I have found on the web. Lastly, I have started a new blog. Ooh, fun! Is it going to be better or different from the old blog? Yes, probably more personal, less focused on politics. We shall see. Check it out at http://mathoni.blogspot.com/

    At some point, I will put permanent links to these new features. Until then . . . this will suffice.
    15 Aug 2005 by matt

    Starcraft is cool
    I've done it again. Man, 2005 has been good to this webpage so far. I just keep adding new content. Maybe I got sick of my site languishing in neglect and abuse. Well, my personal site is still ignored, but I'll get to that some day. As for new stuff on this site, you can visit my Starcraft map page, see more links and even check out my busy writer's blog. If that doesn't get you excited, I don't know what will.
    26 Mar 2005 by matt

    Reviews are fun
    Yes, it's true. I watch tons of movies, but don't review them, or even post the reviews I have written, nearly often enough. Rather than keep you waiting any longer, I have finally posted two old reviews and a recent one. Why? Because I care. You can check them out on the review page. Enjoy!
    18 Mar 2005 by matt

    New year, new stuff on the site
    Well, it has been a while for the updates. However, hopefully, you think it was worth the wait. I have added several things to my site. First of all, there is a new featured link that you might enjoy. Oh, I've actually started updating the blog again. I have relabled it as Conspiracy Blog, but it's the same old blog as before. In addition, I have added a new section, called the Writer's Blog. There's not much there, yet, but I will be putting more up as time goes on. I have added to the Page of Shame and added a bunch of new links, so there is a lot to look at. Enjoy.
    31 Jan 2005 by matt

    Well, it has been a long time in coming. I have finally updated my links page. Yes, there were a lot of links before. Now there are many more, with many new categories. Some sites were hard to categorize, admittedly. I did my best. Take a look and see what you think. Also, the guestbook is now live again. Don't ask what happened to the old one. Only a couple entries worthwhile on it, and one of those was mine. So, click on the links above to see the wonderful links and guestbook. Oh, and sign the guestbook, so that I can know you dropped by. And soon, I may even have more content.
    30 Oct 2004 by matt

    New featured link
    Lots of link news. I have written a little bit about the new featured link. It's timely and informative, being about the men and women up for election around the country this coming Tuesday. Go ahead and check it out. And if you have a hunger for more politics, my links page has many, many more places to see. As a bonus, I'm about to load up a new version of the links page, with probably 1/3 more links than before. It's bigger, it's better organized. Yay!

    Incidentally, the guestbook does not work. Many, many people have tried. I'm not sure why, and haven't had time to look into it. Please be patient. School and a new baby have taken a lot of my time.
    28 Oct 2004 by matt

    Finally! Search away.
    It has taken me a while, but I have just added a really slick search engine to my site. It is CGI instead of PHP based, but that's ok. It does the job very nicely. Next, I shall try to get the stupid guestbook up again. We shall see what happens.
    02 Oct 2004 by matt

    Another new review
    It has been a while, but when has it not? I have actually made the time to add a review. I also have a couple things up my sleeve that may not take 3 months to get up. Unfortunately, I haven't had the time to set up a guest book and still don't have a good working site search. Some day. But at any rate, the review is there. Everyone is talking about Firefox, well here's my take on it. Also, I have added my first featured link. Check it out. Yay!
    01 Oct 2004 by matt

    Needed updates
    Nobody told me my guestbook doesn't work. I mean, it has been ages since anybody's written to it. Now, I realize it hasn't worked in ages. I can see signs that people have tried. Blah! *sigh* Well, I guess that's now on my list of changes. I'm still looking for a good php site search program, as well as a new guestbook. Several things were broken when my webhosts updated their server. I have a good dynamic site map up now. I'm also adding a couple of features that will be come visible very soon. One is the page of shame. The link will be on the left side of the page. The other thing I'm adding is the featured link, also to be included on the left. I'm also doing an extensive reorganizing of my links page. That page is always getting new links added to it. I hope you are checking out that page often. Sadly, my blog has been neglected of late. I just haven't had the time. It really has been that busy a summer. And now I'm about to reenter school and my wife is about to have another baby. But I have to make time for my writing. Drop me a line if you have any feedback for the changes I'm making. Email at the bottom of the page.
    08 Aug 2004 by matt

    New Review
    I have posted more content. Finally reviewed the movie Matrix Reloaded. It is going to be followed by a review or Matrix Revolutions. I am also in the process of adding new links. I'm always adding new links, so if you are interested, check out the places t which I meander.
    16 May 2004 by matt

    Server problems
    Well, this site was having some server problems as my host was upgrading the server. Then, when things were accessable, I found several scripts were messed up (locations had changed on the linux server). Ah, well. I think I have it all up and running again. It even affected my email. Blah. And I seriously had plans to do some updating this weekend. Instead, fixing things became my priority. Maybe soon.
    29 Apr 2004 by matt

    New review
    I'm rarely on the cutting edge of culture, whether books, moview or software. I like to savor things for a little while before writing about it. I wrote a review of the game Splinter Cell, even though I finished playing it some time ago. It is under the current review link. I'm also going to start adding other things here and on my personal page. Hope you enjoy it, even though the game is old (a sequel is coming out soon). It's a good game.
    05 Mar 2004 by matt

    New musing
    Sheesh! It has been long enough. The last time I added to that portion of this website was in February. The new musing I posted tonight is about a recent pilot test I attended. I think you will like it. Enjoy. Yay for new content.
    17 Nov 2003 by matt

    New Review
    I have added a new review, as of last night. New content! Shock! Yes, it is true. I know, it has been a while. At any rate, you can get to it by going here. Or you can click on the link to the left. Today's review is on a horrible (and I mean bad) piece of software called SpamNullifier. Do not use it. Ever. It is evil. angry In other news, I have plans for several more reviews very soon. Keep your eyes open.
    07 Nov 2003 by matt

    Added search
    I have added a search capability to this site. Now, if you read something and can't find it later, or wonder if I mention a specific topic, you can find it with ease. Give it a try. The link is at the top of each page.
    27 Oct 2003 by matt

    New design, same old content
    Welcome to the redesigned site. A lot has been changed. Do you like the new layout? It is much cleaner, easier to view and isn't all the same, drab color. Hope you enjoy the site. I shall be adding stuff in the next little while, including new content! Yay.
    26 Oct 2003 by matt

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