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    Page of Shame

    This page is reserved for the worst humans we have produced in the past century or so. I could expand this parameter, but already I could list hundreds of thousands of individuals and organizations. I will limit my scope to lesser known villians. Sure, we could cover Hitler and Mussolini, Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden, but the web is already filled with enough news about them. No, my sight is set on more subtle men and women who have subverted and manipulated, who preferred philosophy and sophistry to swords and guns. You could argue these are guys I just flat out dislike, and you would be part right. However, I base my decision to include people on this page based on their "contribution" to the world at large.
    Take note that this page does not discount the potentially positive influence these people might have, it just focuses on the negative impact.

    Right now, there is only a little information here, with some appropriate links. I will be adding more information about these people. Have any suggestions? Send me an email, let me know who belongs on the wall of shame.
    Last updated 6/18/06

    As an interesting comparison, check out this list of Ten Most Harmful Books of the 19th and 20th Centuries, which does a lot of what I'm trying to say here (and more), but does it successfully, whereas I haven't even completed my page. Another site that has a great Hall of Shame is the New Media Journal, which includes quotes from people who say dumb things.


    Alfred Kinsey - Another father, this one of the sexual revolution. Despite my religious beliefs, a sexual revolution was not the terribly wrong thing some think. My problem with Kinsey is based on how he gained his information, his agenda and his peculiar legacy. Yes, the same guy who just had a movie come out about him, which was supposed to be well researched.. I have no idea and have no plan to see the movie. Here are several links, many negative, some positive or at least neutral, about Alfred Kinsey.

    Sigmund Freud - Sure, he's the father of psychology, but he used no scientific method, only studied sick people, never healthy men and women (you know, for comparison), and didn't study children at all (with the possible exception of his daughters, but that is a small sample population). But there is more this man has done.

    Edward L. Bernays - You may know him as the father of public relations. You may have never heard of him. Bernays was the man who brought cigarette smoking to the liberated woman and convinced the public for decades that smoking was actually healthy for you. He did so much more, though.
    Links to books about Bernays

    William Clinton - Someone who has done more to damage the office of President

    Jean Paul Sartre - A talented author and philosopher, Sartre expounded on the virtues of self-reliance and responsibility. He is also a humanist. Yet his atheism is legendary.

    Hugh Hefner - He has created an empire based around nudity. He has made nudity acceptable. And it gets worse from there.


    Charles Darwin - The father of evolution. This man actually used science, was an actual scientist. His scientific contributions are numerous, his social contributions were damaging. As of right now, I don't feel Darwin was necessarily a terrible man

    Larry Flint

    P. T. Barnum


    Copyright © 2007 Matthew Rutherford
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