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    new look at 14:50 GMT by matt
    Whew! I have put a lot of work into updating the look on this site. It took forever to make everything uniform. Hopefully, all the links are are correct. Everything seems to be in order, but if it isn't, let me know. If you like this, let me know.

    Sunday 22nd June, 2003


    Page updates at 23:08 GMT by matt
    I have been busy in life and on the site. Perhaps in the next few days, when I get a breather, I'll post the happenings in my life, but for now, the site. I have completely updated the links section and added a ton of links. More will probably be on the way. I also have fixed up the blog so it looks more like the rest of the site. More and more of the site will get this unified treatment in the near future. I may put some kind of logo up, too. Nah. At any rate, much of what I have been doing has been behind the scenes. I plan on having a search function soon, too.

    Sunday 8th June, 2003


    new addatives at 23:05 GMT by matt
    I have added a few new pictures of Kari's and my trip to St. George to the family section, and have added more personal news under the personal section. I hope to add a movie review or two soon, too.

    Tuesday 27th May, 2003


    Additions to the site at 00:53 GMT by matt
    Well, in Lars' section, I have posted his new essay on the Bracero workers during WWII. I have also added several very interesting links to the link page (as well as kept busy with the blog). Lastly, I have finally updated my own section with new news. Check it all out. I shall add more as time permits, of course.

    Wednesday 30th April, 2003


    new pics at 22:01 GMT by matt
    In the family section, I have posted new pictures of our recent trip to California. As usual, it has a username and password. If you need it, ask me and I'll give it to you.

    Tuesday 22nd April, 2003


    I'm back at 20:18 GMT by matt
    Yup, I really am back. Actually, I have been posting stuff on my blog for a few days. Not much else right now, but I wrote a poem that I'm considering posting on the site. We shall see.

    Friday 11th April, 2003


    my absence at 13:22 GMT by matt
    I will be gone for several days, most likely returning on April 17th. Anyone who urgently needs to contact me can by email, as I will check it every so often. The blog will be silent during this time, too. Enjoy your weekend while I enjoy my supersized one.

    Sunday 6th April, 2003


    videos at 23:30 GMT by matt
    For those who are interested, I have posted short video clips of Elijah running around, under the family section. If I have given you the password to the family section already, then nothing more needs to happen: you can get in. If you need the password, just email me and I'll be happy to send it along.

    Wednesday 2nd April, 2003

    New review at 16:28 GMT by matt
    Hey, I have posted a new review. Click on the review link to the left to see what I thought of the movie "Zoolander." Oh, in other news, one person besides me has signed the guestbook. Yay! Come on, I know there are more of you out there. Sign away.

    Tuesday 1st April, 2003

    War at 13:22 GMT by matt
    Well, in case you hadn't heard, there's a war on. That doesn't directly affect me, but it has fascinated me. Read my blog (link to the left) to see some of the things I've been reading lately.

    Thursday 20th March, 2003

    guestbook and webcam at 08:33 GMT by matt
    Yes, there is a webcam now. I temporarily had it on the main page here, but I am moving it to the "Family" section, which is passworded. Ask for the password, and I might give it to you. For those that already have it, well, it has not changed. In other news, yes, I posted a guestbook, but forgot to give it a link on the main page. So now, check out the guestbook and enjoy. Yay.

    Friday 14th March, 2003

    guestbook at 13:59 GMT by matt
    Yay! I have a guestbook and it seems to work well. Sign it, look at it, praise the guestbook!
    In other news, Lars and I should be posting new material this weekend.

    Wednesday 5th March, 2003

    new blog at 14:05 GMT by matt
    Yes, it is true. I have caved in to digital peer pressure and put in my own blog. Actually, the thing that inspired me was seeing Dave Barry's Blog, at http://www.davebarry.blogspot.com For those that don't know, a blog is a "web log" that web geeks use to keep track and share their thoughts with others. Fun. See the link on the left to visit my Blog.

    Sunday 16th February, 2003

    pictures at 17:19 GMT by matt
    I have added pictures of the funeral I attended last week, Feb. 8, 2003. The gallery is in the family section and is only available by request (passworded and all). Email me for the password, if you don't already have it.

    Friday 14th February, 2003

    Commentary added at 00:27 GMT by matt
    I have added a new musings section. I'm hoping to have regular columns soon. Enjoy the new stuff.

    Monday 10th February, 2003

    Finally! at 23:14 GMT by matt
    Lars has finally given me some material to post on the site. Check out his area to see some of his stuff. Lars plans on passwording some of his writings, so you will have to email him (email found on his pages) for the password. I hope to have him write columns for the site, too. Oh, soon, I should be putting up family pictures. More news on that when the time comes.

    Sunday 19th January, 2003

    new stuff at 16:07 GMT by matt
    Ok, there is nothing new yet, but it is coming soon. Actually, with the new year well under way and grad school applications in, I have much more free time. Lars is getting ready to add some content to this site, too. Should be fun.

    Thursday 19th December, 2002

    email at 23:03 GMT by matt
    Those who have a lacuna.us email account can now access it via the link to the right. If you don't have one, you probably aren't supposed to. Or maybe you are. Ask.

    Monday 16th December, 2002

    Lars at 22:58 GMT by matt
    I just spoke with Lars today and he is excited about this new project. He happily signed on, so hopefully in the next few weeks, he will submit writing that will appear on this site soon. He will be talking to another friend who may also join up on the site. It should be fun.

    New stuff at 00:12 GMT by matt
    Well, this is it. I'm debuting the new site, on the new server, with the new site domain. I am also putting a bunch of new scripts on the site, stuff that will run in the background that will make my job easier. Oh, and there will be a new focus to my site. It will hopefully become a community of writers in the future, although my personal stuff will still be there. Did I mention there is new stuff on the site? Enjoy!

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