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    Here, I will choose a site that I feel deserves special attention. The idea is to include pages that make you think, that inform, and possibly alert you to the terrors of human-kind surrounding you. Some of these may already be on my links page, but many of them will be new. If you want to see past featured links,
    go to the Featured Link Archive.

    January 31, 2005
    It's Walky
    Yes, it's another comic strip. I may feature several of them, if the mood strikes me. I have been catching up with several of my favorite web comics, ones I hadn't read for, in some cases, literally years. This is one such strip. To give a little history, the comic started as a college strip called Roomies, but after a couple of years, that strip ended because of too much drama. Well, I can see that. It was practically a soap opera. However, having said that, I was happy with the comic, as it was. It worked and it had characters that I cared about. Then, David Willis, the author/artist, changed gears and created a new strip, featuring one characters from Roomies that were not the previous focus. It's Walky was born. I'll admit, the transition was kind of weird, at first. I did not like it very much, thought the titular character was . . . a waste. Sadly, that's what everyone in the story world thought, too.

    It's Walky focused on a subplot of an alien invasion and completely changed the way you viewed the characters from before. The world according to Willis was a much darker, bloodier place than we saw previously, on Roomies. Something else happened. As I read the archives, Walkerton, the main character, grew up. You learned why he always acted like a doofus. I think Willis' writing matured, too. By the time I reached the last year of the archives, I realized that I didn't want the story to end, always a sign of good writing, in my mind. I don't want to give a single thing away, but the story-line grew more and more complex and intricate, until I couldn't help but wonder what was real in this world, much like Neo in the Matrix. Of course, the ending is similar in some ways to the Matrix Revolutions, and I mean that as a very positive statement. The archives end in the fall of 2004, and then pick up again. Willis is now putting out new Roomies strips, and working on another strip called Shortpacked. However, his fans want more It's Walky strips. He has promised that for every $100 donated, he would draw another Sunday strip of Walkerton and the gang. He already has over $300 donated, as of this writing.

    The characters . . . wow. I'm serious when I say that I cared about these characters. When they got hurt, it affected me. When they died, it got to me. I had the fortune of reading the story continuously, rather than waiting for the strips to appear daily, and that is a good thing for me, because I would have been on a constant roller coaster and cliff-hanger, all at once, if I had to wait each day. I know, I know, I'm not a patient enough man. However, I seriously think he should pursue (if he hasn't already) putting these in a comic book. On looking at his wares for sale, it looks like just the Roomies material is available in book form, right now. I hope he puts them all in a book.

    Though I'm no expert at art, I know what I like. The artwork starts at good and just gets better from there. His early strips are a little rough, but nothing bad, and certainly better than much of the ordinary drivel you see on the comic page of the newspaper (Hello! Ziggy? Cathy?) It is fascinating to watch characters transform as you read the archives. They start with little detail, but the art and the writing create a living, breathing character over time. As living and breathing as a comic strip character can be.

    Anyway, I won't bore you with my words any more. Go read the comic and enjoy. And remember, in the words of Joyce, one of Walky's main characters, "It's the world that is ugly. We are beautiful!" (Hope I got the quote right, or at least close). If you don't know what that means, read the archives.

    Copyright © 2007 Matthew Rutherford
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