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    Great StarCraft maps for multiplayer fun
    March 26, 2005

    Ah, Starcraft! Such a great game! Such longevity! Can I use more exclamation points than this?!?

    But the truth is, this is a great game. Can I enumerate just how great it is? It may be old, going back to 1998, but up until about 2003, I recall seeing that Starcraft was still in the top 10 best selling games. Read that again. The top 10 current best selling games. People were still buying this game in droves back in 2003. Well, two years later, I jump on the bandwagon. OK, not really. I jumped on that bandwagon a while ago. Truthfully, I have played this game for years, since about 1999, when I finally grew tired of Warcraft II. Starcraft has managed to stay on my hard drives for a long time, well after other, lesser games, have been deleted into digital oblivion. Heck, I even played Starcraft at my bachelor party. Heh. One last cool Starcraft fact. My brother-in-law, Christian (his webpage is still very new, so go easy on him), spent two years in Korea for his LDS mission. He tells me that he saw Starcraft tournaments and even a Starcraft TV channel, there. Wow. How many other games have that kind of following?

    I discovered a few years ago the magic of downloading Starcraft user-made maps. I tried dozens and doezens. Some were good, most were bad. Few were ever great. I decided that I would host a small handful of my favorites. If you have a Starcraft map you want me to try, email me and I'll give it a go.

    My favorite links

    Staredit.net - The premier place to get tips on making and downloading StarCraft Maps
    Starcraft.org - The best place for everything StarCraft
    Wikipedia StarCraft Entry - Lot's of good general info about StarCraft, including the culture and the phenomenon
    StarCraft Compendium - Official source of news
    StarCraft Legacy - Maps, strategy and community

    My favorite maps

    Operation Suicide 12.92 - 5 player, 61k - Added 3/26/05
    Though I like the later version better, this is still a great and challenging map that can keep you busy for hours. You really need all four players to really play this one well, but it is worth it. You play terrans trying to take out the Zerg Overmind at the top of the map. The Zerg have a limitless supply of troops that keep pouring down the map to get you. Every so often, you get supplies. Your only hope is to team up together with your buddies to fight your way through the mess. Don't be surprised if you have many, many setbacks. And don't forget to save often.

    Operation Suicide 13.20 - 6 player, 55k - Added 3/26/05
    This is, as far as I can tell, the final version of this map. Very hard to find any more, as the earlier version is more popular. This is a more balanced version, but I have to admit it is slightly easier. Nonetheless, very fun to play. Same map description as above.

    Queen of Blades 2.1 - 4 player, 148k - Added 3/26/05
    This is Jonathan's (my brother) map, based on concepts similar to Operation Suicide. Again, the Zerg are the enemies, but this time, you play the Protoss. The map is not as linear as Operation Suicide, but the odds are again nearly overwhelming. And I mean that in a good way. This is a challenging map that takes the help of three other people to play it right.

    Queen of Blades 5.3 - 4 player, 127k - Added 5/31/05
    Jonathan has updated Queen of Blades a good deal and I understand it is getting much better reviews, now. Try it and see what you think. The map has changed, the overall concept streamlined and several glitches removed.

    A Grander Vision v5.4 - single player, 97k - Added 5/31/05
    This is a relatively new, single player map that has been getting Jonathan high praises (check out the review here). He plans to eventually release a multiplayer version, as well, but he tells me the triggers on A Grander Vision are really quite sophisticated. He's rather pleased with the way this has turned out.

    Copyright © 2007 Matthew Rutherford
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