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    After significant work, my links page has changed. Gone is the long page of links on end. Instead, I have broken it down into subcategories. No one page is too big, now. However, there is still much work to be done and I don't know if I will ever really finish these pages. However, for anyone with any interests similar to mine, these should be a great resource. Or, if you just want to see what I'm interested in, take a look.

    Here are tons of links, constantly growing. I post links that make me think, or that are useful, and occasionally amusing. Can't be serious all the time. Many, if not most of these sites do not represent my thinking. In fact, I have deliberately put up many sites that disagree with my personal philosophies. Some of the links may take you to disturbing locations on the web. Do not tread lightly in these waters.

    Link exchange note: I have had recent requests for link exchanges, and I'm happy to do so, if the proposed site is interesting or amusing to me. What are my criteria? Well, I couldn't specify a list of attributes a site must have, but I guess it should be intelligent. Even the humor. Sadly, I don't have time to maintain a seperate page of "featured" links or any such business, so if I do a link exchange, the link will appear here, along with all the other links, with nothing special to differentiate it. Sorry, but that is a practicality I must adopt. Still interested? Contact me at

    Here are the general categories (each link will take you to the listed sub-categories page):
    Comics (Regularly Updated, Irregularly Updated, Comic Lists, Comic Commentary, Comics under Review, and Dead Comics)
    Conspiracies (General, 9/11 conspiracies, Groups wanting to take over the world)
    Critical Thinking and Philosophy (Hoax debunkers, Critical Thinking, Skeptics, Propaganda, Philosphy, Popular Culture Deconstructed)
    Entertainment (Movies, Music, Books, Gaming, TV, Pop culture, Humor, Online Literature, Fun and Games, Critics, Pop Culture Philosophy, Music Bands, Multimedia)
    Health (Mainstream health, Alternative health, Essential Oils)
    Linux (Distributions, News, Help and Games)
    Mormon (Original Essays, Offsite Essays, Mainstream and Inspriational, Basic Info, Changed Doctrine, Splinter Groups, Apologists, Critics, Sunday School, LDS History, Collections of Writings, Geneaology, Links, Commercial, Culture, Humor, Arts, Food Storage, LDS Blogs)
    Politics (General Activism, Globalization, Political Activism, News Alternatives, Politically Incorrect Writings, Left Wing, Centrist Politics, Right Wing, Intellectual Property, Personal Liberty, States Rights, Political Blogs, Privacy)
    Psychology and Other Social Sciences (General, Personality, Parenting, Therapy, History, Inspirational, Human Horrors, Paranormal, Self Help)
    Religion (Christian, Jewish, World Religions, Sacred Texts)
    Research and Search (Research Resources, References, Search, Science, Web Utilities)
    Shopping (Book Buying, Car Shopping, Online Shopping)
    Technology (Freeware, Hacking, Web Design, Linux, Tech Support, PC and Web Security, Tech News)
    Writing and Language Resources (Writer's Resources, Word Resources, Character Naming, Non-English Dictionaries)

    Last updated 05/27/07

    Copyright © 2007 Matthew Rutherford
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