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    Popular Entertainment Links

    Ah, entertainment! The stuff free time is made for! The focus of most weekends! A multi-billion dollar industry that spans the globe and affects more people than the Holy Bible has (and that's a sad commentary, isn't it?). Movies, music, books, games and more. If it can be used as entertainment, diversion or distraction, this is the place. And now, I'm finally giving popular entertainment a link page of its own. What can I say? I enjoy the arts and always have. Here are some links to interesting places on the web, but this page still needs some developing .

    Last updated 06/10/07
    Newest items marked with a *

    Movie Reviews and Commentary
    Ain't It Cool News
    American Film Institute's Top Heroes and Villains
    Awesome Movie Scripts and Screenplays - This is a very simple site, with a bunch of scripts to movies. That's all there is, but it delivers what it promises.
    Blurred Line Reviews
    Box Office Mojo
    Brit Movie

    Coming Soon
    The DVD Dossier
    Film Brats
    Film Note
    Kung Fu Cinema
    List of Films on Liberty and the State
    MI6 - home of James Bond
    The Movie Box
    Movie Mistakes
    Movie Profiler
    The Movie Spoiler - As the name implies, you can find a complete explanation of the entire plot (including the ending) of a great deal of movies. Fun to see what you missed or to read up on a movie you don't intend to watch. Or, if you are one of those people that likes to know the endings before watching a movie.
    Moving Image Archive
    The Nitpickers Site
    Not Coming to a Theater Near You
    NY Times best 1000 Movies
    Plugged In
    Rotten Tomatoes
    Self-Made Critic
    The Spiritual Cinema Circle
    Time's 100 All-Time Best Movies
    Yahoo Movies, upcoming

    A Different Drum on My Space
    All Music - I know, this site has been there forever, but it is one of the first places I will check when I want to look up music, so I figure it deserves a link. Very complete site.
    Baroque Music
    Celestial Voices
    Ishkur's Guide to Electronic Music
    KCRW online music
    Legal Sounds - Cheap and legal way to buy mp3's without spending $.99 each song. Russian site, in English also.
    The Music Edge.com
    Mutopia Project Free sheet music
    Rowynet Free Sheet Music - Free classical sheet music in pdf format.
    Sloth Radio

    Books and Authors
    An Index to Dr. Suess Characters
    Isaac Asimov Home Page - Asimov is one of the first Sci Fi authors to really capture my attention and inspire me to want to be a writer. It was a sad day when I heard he died. This site attempts to preserve his legacy and keeps up with any news concerning his works and such.
    Mugglenet - Harry Potter Community

    Gaming, board and digital
    Boardgame Geek
    Curmedgeon Gamer
    Digipen Student games
    Gamasutra (game developers magazine)
    Gamer Dad
    Game Tunnel Independent Games
    Liberated Games
    Linux Games
    Moby Games - Most comprehensive game databases on the web. Game documentation and reviews galore. No downloads, as they prefer to focus on information. Discusses games going back to 1979.
    Channel Chooser - This site allows you to actually watch a stream from various actual TV channels. While there are not very many choices yet, this site is growing their selection quickly. Uses Quicktime and Windows Media, mostly.
    Jump the Shark
    Mark's Simpson Site
    Television without Pity
    Popular Culture
    80's Music Lyrics - This site has lyrics, to be sure. But there is also a music quiz, humor and original 80's arcade games you can play in your browser.
    Defamer, the L.A. Gossip Rag
    Pop Cultures
    Pop Matters
    Remember the Eighties
    Hundred Greatest Moments on the Web

    BB Spot
    The Book of Ratings
    Candyboots - This site features Weight Watcher's recipe cards from 1974 and other old, kitschy stuff.
    Cate's Garage Sale Finds - Cate loves to find old crap at garage sales and scan it in, then make fun of it. Good stuff.
    Comedy Central's Jokes.com
    Conversational Cheap Shots
    The Darwin Awards
    Fade to Black
    Forwarded Funnies
    Gettysburg Address in Powerpoint
    Glossy News
    God Laughs
    Grand-Pa's Jokes
    Greatest webpage in the world
    Grumble Magazine
    Home Star Runner
    The Ig Noble Home Page
    Improv Everywhere - I love exploring this site. New York pranksters pull off strange stunts, sometimes silly, sometimes esoteric, but always funny, much to the bewilderment of those who happen to watch. They include full stories, including pictures and video clips. Well worth visiting.
    Jesus of the Week
    Joke Index
    Jumbo Joke
    The Onion
    Patently Silly
    Plausably Deniable
    The Schmews
    The Simpsons Archive
    The Sneeze
    The Specious Report
    The Spoof
    Stick Figure Death Theater
    Tech Humor
    Things My Boyfriend Says - Real life quotes from a guy with a strange sense of humor. Yes, they are posted by his girlfriend.
    This is True
    Timothy McSweeney's
    Useless Information
    Very Funny Ads - Official site of the TBS special on funny ads from around the world. Great stuff.
    We Made Out in a Tree and this Old Guy Watched Us
    Wrong Answers
    Yahoo Directory of Humor

    Online Literature/Reading
    American Literature.com - Doesn't appear to be updated any more (not since 2004), but this site has the text to several pieces of American literature that are now in open domain. There is some Poe, Baum and Twain, among others.
    Arts and Letters Daily
    Alex Catalogue of Electronic Texts
    Axess Magazine
    Baen Free eBook Library
    Blackmask Online
    Black Table
    Book Crossing
    Books for a Buck's Free Book Listing
    Books in the Internet Public Library
    Books Online
    Children's Storybooks Online
    Digital Fiction
    The eBook Directory
    Eserver Accessible Writing
    Free Science.info - Download free science books. Over 1000 listed. As they say on the site, "science is for everyone."
    Free Stories
    Free Tech Books - No catches or gimmicks. Real tech books for you to read, with no costs involved. Computer science, artificial intelligence, operating systems, programming and much, much more.
    Great Books Collection
    The HypterTexts - Free, online poetry journal. Lots of reading material, here.
    Internet Classics Archive
    John Labovitz's E-Zine-List
    Literary Critic
    The Literature Network
    My Favorite E-zines
    Old and Dusty Books
    Open Library.org
    O'Reilly Open Books
    The Other Pages
    Page by Page Books
    U of Penn Online Books Page
    The Perseus Digital Library
    Philosophy Electronic Texts
    Pirate Books and Articles, online
    Planet Pdf Free Ebooks - Some of the very best old classics are represented on this page. I'm sure they are offered to show off the capabilities of the pdf format, but nonetheless, you can download and read any of these at your leisure.
    Project Gutenberg
    Public Domain Electronic Books listing
    Read Books Online - Another site that has full texts of out of copyright texts. Includes poems, essays, novels and plays. It also identifies Pulitzer prize and Nobel prize winners.
    Rosetta Project - Children's Books
    Rum and Monkey
    The Shakespeare Authorship Studies Conference
    Stef's Free Online Smalltalk Books
    Tech Books for Free
    United Heroes
    U of Michigan's Digital Library
    University of Virginia Ebook Library

    Fun and Games on the web
    20 questions
    59 Optical Illusions and Visual Phenomena
    Akiyoshi's illusion pages
    Albino Black Sheep
    Am I Pi?
    Church Sign Generator
    Cool Optical Illusions
    Cool Quiz
    Cool Tricks and Trinkets
    DisX (online game)
    Factum, face the facts picture and info blog
    Google Sightseeing
    The Great Big List of Fanimutations
    It's a Wonderful Internet
    Jib Jab
    Just Curio.us (answering questions of strangers)
    Krazy Dad
    Little Fluffy Industries
    Meme pool
    Mental Floss - Billed as the place where knowledge junkies get their fix.
    Nation States
    Never Bored Again
    Post Secret original
    Post Secret
    Random Access Memory
    rec.puzzles Archive
    What will you look like?
    Worth 1000
    Worst of the Web

    DVD in my Pants - Actually, this site has much more than just movie reviews, but that's what I like most about it. However, they talk about popular culture, DVD releases and more. Fun place to spend the afternoon.
    Film Wurld
    Hollywood Jesus
    Monsters and Critics
    Reel Views

    Philosophy in Popular Culture
    Matrix Essays blog
    The Matrix Movies explained
    The Matrix Philosophy page
    Philosophical Essays about the Matrix Movies
    Superman as Christ-Figure: The American Pop Culture Movie Messiah - Thorough essay on the first two Superman movies (with Christopher Reeve) and how he is like the Messiah. Written before the recent new Superman movie, which also had tons of similar symbolism.
    Music Bands
    Angels and Airwaves - Official band of the former Blink 182 singer Tom DeLonge. Great stuff. Multimedia heavy, with videos and more.
    Angels and Airwaves fanpage - Well done fan site with news and lots of information.
    Cocteau Cafe - Website devoted to the Cocteau Twins, a beautiful band. Sadly not together any more, their music lives on. Ethereal is one of the best words to describe them.
    Shunt - Official Recoil Website. Who is Recoil? Why, it is Alan Wilder, formerly of Depeche Mode. Genius music, very dark.
    They Might be Giants
    Film Music and Soundtracks
    Film Tracks
    Food and Recipes
    Cooking Light

    Movies I Just Love
    Clue - The Movie Guide
    Laurel and Hardy - OK, so these guys were in lots of movies, so I'm actually referring to lots of their work, but I couldn't ignore the comedic genius of these two clowns. This fansite has a lot of great info.
    Stark Raving Sane: Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Fanlisting

    Multimedia - Images, Photos, icons, etc.
    Artchive - Extensive collection of the world's great artwork. This guy put a lot of work into this site.
    Big Foto
    Big Happy Fun House - Vernacular photography blog. Not sure where he gets the photos, but these are all old shots, various slices of life from the past. Interesting the see.
    Flickr Girls
    Font Shop Free Fonts
    Fotos Encrontadas
    Found Photos
    Found Photo Blogspot
    Free Images - 2500 stock photos for free.
    Free Photos Bank
    Gentium, a Typeface for the Nations
    Houseplant Picture Studios
    Image Shack picture hosting
    Kittyville Found Photos
    Laughter is the Spackle for the Soul
    Liquid Sculpture
    Look at Me
    Open Clip Art Library - art library that is meant to be accessible for everyone. Public domain art only.
    PBase Photo Hosting
    Photo Station
    Pic Search
    Putfile - Images and videos hosted for free.
    Riya facial recognition
    Scrambled Tamago - Artist blog
    Square America
    Stock Vault
    The Synchronicity of Indeterminancy
    Target Mode
    Tiny Pic
    Yahoo Directory of Found Photos
    Multimedia - Sound and Music
    Amazon.com Free Music Downloads - Have to be a member, but this is a great, legal way to check out some good new and older tunes.
    Audio Books for Free - As the name says, this site has a bunch of free audio books. They are all books in the public domain and the audio is all for your listening pleasure.
    Creative Commons - Has pictures, sounds, text and video files, but I'm arbitrarily placing this here. Not just a way to find free content, but also a way of life (or at least a way to share your work with others in a free way). You've heard of copyright. This is copyleft.
    Epitonic - Indy music for download. You can make some great discoveries here, for free. Mp3 format, no restrictions. Has a free newsletter and you can also create playlists and such. Pretty cool.
    Find Sounds - Search engine specializing in sound files. Fantastic and extensive.
    Free Game Arts* - This site "promotes the use and development of free and 'open source' game resources, including 3D models, sound effects, textures, games and development tools." Nice resource for game makers.
    The Freesound Project - From the site, "The Freesound Project is a collaborative database of Creative Commons licensed sounds. Freesound focusses only on sound, not songs."
    Live Plasma - Interesting way to explore music. Also has movies. Enter in a band, a movie or director and let the map get built before your eyes. Then, check out some of the related titles and artists.
    Mutopia Project Free sheet music - Like Project Gutenberg, but with free sheet music, instead of texts. All of these are in the public domain.
    Netvue - Picture search site with a useful interface; it will dispaly 10 results at a time and allow you to view them in full size.
    Synth Site - Purchase synthesizers, read about musicians who play them, and more.
    Synthzone - Great place with great prices for buying synthesizers.
    TV Tunes - They say they are temporarily closed until things work out for copyright issues. We shall see.
    Yahoo Audio Search - Plain and simple, Yahoo's solution for finding sounds.

    Multimedia - Video
    Bolt.com - I'm putting this under videos, but Bolt has pictures and music, too. Seems to operate something like YouTube.
    Free Movies - Sounds too good to be true. Well, this site provides embedded files but does not host the movies. Some of these are out of copyright. Some of these are just posted on YouTube and other movie sites and will probably disappear very soon. However, watch them while you can.
    Open Media Network
    Our Media.org
    Public Domain Torrents
    Stupid Videos


    Copyright © 2007 Matthew Rutherford
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