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A writer has one of the most difficult and rewarding jobs. They write and write, sometimes for years, with little feedback. They face rejection often. Even the successful few have had their share of disappointments. However, writers are lucky people. If they find something interesting, they research it and tell the whole world about their interest, through their writing. They interview interesting people. They allow their imaginations to run wild. And those who find success get their words read by many, and get paid for their effort.

To make the writer's job easier, I have culled some of the best articles and links on the web for those wishing to make their living off of the written word. If you would like to see your writing-related article posted here, feel free to contact me. This site is to remain a free resource for any writer of any experience level.

Please note that while I have started posting articles, not all sections of this site have been posted yet. There will be some missing pages, but this should be remedied in the next few days.


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