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    March 12, 2005

    Hotlinking is an ugly thing

    In most instances, I'm a nice guy. However, I'm not above a good prank. Retaliation can be an ugly thing, but truthfully, I normally just let things go, unless there is a problem. I'm not a door mat, nor am I a cruel jerk, but it can be a fine balancing act, walking between those two extremes.

    I recently was looking at my site statistics. It is interesting to see where the traffic comes from that leads people to my words. I admit mine is not a very popular site, and that's ok. Low key means low pressure for me. I used to update daily, way back in the day (1997). For better or for worse, I have a life now. It is just not realistic to make changes all the time. Anyway, as I'm checking out the referring sites, I notice a blog has sent me tons of traffic. "Huh! I wonder what they are linking to on my site."

    What piece of wit had inspired a blogger to focus on my humble little site?

    Curious, I decide to go to the referred address, but can't find a thing. Had it gone to the archives, whatever link had been to my site? No, not there either. I decided to view the source of the page and then again search for a reference to lacuna.us. Well, turns out, this blog owner was hotlinking to a picture on my wife's page. No link, but stealing bandwidth to display a picture I was hosting. A picture of bees from a page my wife did as a homework assignment years ago. Well, this was a lot of traffic, and none of it doing me any good. I decided a substitution was in order. Since I'm hosting the picture, and can't make her stop, I can always change the picture. I got the idea from Cockeyed.com, one of my favorite private humor sites (how else do you describe this site?). At any rate, my switcheroo is much more tame than those that inspired it. I just created an image of text stating that the image has been stolen and you should come to my site. Fun? Easy? I could always do more later, if so inspired.

    Here is the picture stolen. Heck, my wife just copied it from some site. But we uploaded it to our site; we didn't hot link. This whole thing is in jest, and she can fix it easily, if she wants. I'm just hoping she learns a valuable lesson in netiquette. Now, she's obviously a caring individual, but let's see how long this can go before she realizes this has happened. Don't anybody go telling her what I've done. :)

    Now, here's how her site looked after I was through with it (click on the picture to see the full sized version):

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