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    Writing and Language Resources

    What is this category? Well, I am a writer by hobby, education, and hopefully profession, some day. I love words. They continue to fascinate me. So, I have gathered some of my favorite writing and word links and put them all in one place. Of course, what is a fiction writer without some way of coming up with names for his or her characters? So, I have naming resources here, as well. And just because I cannot read another language well doesn't mean I don't like other languages. So, to top it all off, I have listed English sites explaning other languages.

    Just recently, I started a website devoted just to writer's resources. It's very new and has a bit of growing to do, but you can find it at writer.lacuna.us. Feel free to check it out and let me know what you think.

    Last updated 06/10/07
    Newest items marked with a *

    Writer's Resources
    Author Network
    BitBooks Writer Resources
    Bubbles in my Head - Advice for writing fiction. Posted in blog format, but still a useful site.
    Bulwer Lytton Writing Contest
    Cool Quotes
    Essays on the Craft of dramatic writing
    Freelance Writing Resource
    Hopeful Writer
    Limyaael's Fantasy Writing Rants
    Lulu Self Publishing
    Poetry Daily
    Poetry Express
    Quantum Muse
    Science Fiction/Fantasy Writers of America
    Scriptstyles template
    The Scriptorium
    The Scroll
    Story Elements
    Tenebris - Publishing blog
    Truly Terrified
    WikiQuote - Yes, it's true. You can find all sorts of quotes on this site, for many, many notables. You can even add your own (appropriately sourced) quotes, as well.
    Write Express
    Writer Resources Links
    Write Here, Write Now
    Write On
    Writers write
    Writing World
    Dictionaries, Thesauri, etc.
    Internet Anagram Server
    Wordlab links
    Chris Pound's Language Machines
    Word Spy
    Banished word list
    Word Detective
    Word Salad
    Word IQ
    Your Dictionary
    Online Dictionary
    Lexical Freenet
    Rhymezone Rhyming Dictionary
    Think Exist
    A Word a Day
    Palindrome list
    Take our Word
    Word for Word
    A Way with Words
    Online Etymology Dictionary
    Alpha Dictionary site
    Variation in English Words & Phrases
    Anagram Genius
    Write Express Rhymer
    Rhyme Zone
    Rhyming Dictionary
    Internet Acronym Server
    Acronym Finder
    Merriam-Webster Dictionary
    Voycabulary - turning pages into dictionaries
    The Alternative Dictionaries - Slang and Profanity
    Confusing Words - Get confused by "affect" and "effect?" How about "their," "they're" and "there?" Well, this site helps you figure these words out.
    Grammar and Style
    Daily Grammar
    Guide to Grammar and Writing
    Common Errors in English
    Dr. Grammar
    English Companion - Teacher oriented, but useful site for English and education
    Word Fun, Games and Etymology
    Fun with Words - from the site: "dedicated to amusing quirks, peculiarities, and oddities of the English language: wordplay. Playing with words and language is both entertaining and educational. Here you can have plenty of fun with words with over 500 pages of word puzzles, games, amazing lists, and fun facts."
    Worthless Word for the Day
    Etymologically Speaking
    World Wide Words
    Online Etymology Dictionary
    Word Counter
    Cliche Finder
    The Word Detective - A word etymologist, humorous and amusing, writes a regular column.
    My favorite Word - A bit odd, this is a site where you can submit your favorite word in the English language and explain why you like it. That's all there is to it.
    Name/Naming Resources
    Baby Names
    Baby Names World
    Behind the Name
    Kate Monk's Onomastikon
    Curiosities of Biological Nomenclature
    Baby Name Wizard
    Baby Names.com
    Dog naming
    Celtic Names of the British Isles
    Random Name Generator
    Name nerds
    Behind the Name random names
    Utah Baby Namer
    Mormon Name Generator
    Name Satistics
    SSA list of Popular Baby Names - The Social Security Administration has been keeping track of names (among other details about the American people ) for years. One nice thing about all that data is that you can see what names were popular when.
    Cool Baby Names - Besides the traditional way of looking up baby names, you can also look up names by meaning, and by culture of origin. They also have the most popular names of a given year and have a bunch of info for new parents.
    Baby Name Search - Seems to be a standard name search, but with some nice extra features, like finding "unusual" names, name puns, science fiction names and more.
    123 Baby Names - Look up name meanings and origins. You choose gender, the cultural background, and the starting letter or letters to find what you want.
    Baby Hold - Has baby name lists by ethnicity, various helpful suggestions for choosing a name that is right for your baby (or character) and a lot of baby-centric information for pregnant women (who may or may not be writers, after all). Of course, it gives name meanings and also lists name trends for several years.
    Baby Name Genie - It sounds strange, but yes, a "genie" grants your wishes and gives you first and middle names, after you supply the last name. Although it isn't perfect (what is?), it does give some interesting tips in naming children (and characters).
    Languages, non-English
    Native American Languages
    Dictionary Yucatecan Mayan Language
    Cherokee-English- Dictionary
    Cheyenne - English Dictionary
    Directory of Language Dictionaries
    Latin to English Dictionary
    English to Shoshoni Dictionary
    Internet Dictionary Project
    Iroqois Language Index
    Linguistic Exploration
    Java Based O'odham Dictionary
    Maliseet Dictionary
    Alabama Dictionary
    Mi'gmaq Language Dictionary
    West Virginia Mingo Language
    Navajo Code Talkers' Dictionary
    American Indian Language Resources
    Gaelic Languages Info
    Klallam Word List
    Interactive IñupiaQ Dictionary
    Creek Language Archive
    Your Dictionary.com
    Onelook - Dictionary search engine that looks across multiple sites for definitions of English words. Has advanced search options.
    Onelook list of Dictionaries
    List of Dictionaries
    All Dictionaries.com
    Word to Word Language Resources
    Ancient Languages and Scripts
    Jim Loy's Egyptology Page
    Native American Languages
    Jewish Languages
    Shawnee Language
    Mandarin Tools
    Xerox Language Identifier
    Online Dictionaries of other languages
    Chinese Tools
    Pinyin Info
    Omniglot - Writing systems and languages of the world
    Navajo-English Dictionary - in pdf format
    Intertran - Online translation service. Claims to have 1600 language pairs. I get good results with this site.
    Translation Guide - For all your translation needs. This site is a guide for the professional, the student and the traveler.
    Systran Free Online Translation - Like Babelfish, you just type in the text you want translated, or the website you want to translate, and choose the to and from language, then hit translate. Not perfect, but no translation service is perfect.
    TextCat Language Guesser - You just enter in a sample of the language you are trying to figure out, then it will spit out the results to you. Pretty cool service.
    Babelfish - by AltaVista. This is the first tranlsation service on the web that I encountered. Still a great resource.
    Free Translation
    Langenberg Language Translation
    Reader's Resources
    Authors on the Web - Resource for finding information about your favorite authors. Well, they have a lot of authors, and they do interviews and stuff.
    Book Crossing - This is like a great big online book swap, only you give your books to strangers. Through a unique system, each book is labeled and given a unique number, then left somewhere. When another person finds it, he or she goes to this site (because of the labeling) and reports that they found it. Spreading good literature.
    Book Reporter - A site dedicated to book reviews. Authors are encouraged to submit theirs for review, and site users can even volunteer for duty. One nice touch is having a "books to movies" section (which talks about books that have been Hollywoodized, of course).
    Fantastic Fiction - Has the biographies of over 10,000 authors and info on over 200,000 books. Tons of info here for the browsing reader.
    Internet Book List - The IMDB of books. This site lists a ton of authors and reviews. A must for the book fan.
    Love Reading UK - British site for book lovers. Sure, it allows you to buy books in the UK, which may not do much for people in the U.S. (such as myself), but it also has unique "guidance tools" that help you choose what your next book will be. Great resource.
    Paperback Swap - How this one works is, you list the books you are willing to part with. If someone requests it, you mail it to them, no cost to them. But if you see books someone else has that you want, you can make requests yourself. The only cost is for shipping.
    Reading Group Guide - A directory to over 2000 book reading groups. Has advice and hints for starting your own reading group, book reviews and even a newsletter.
    Whichbook - This is a cool site that helps you choose a book to read based on your mood or interest in a particular race, setting, type of plot, and more. Haven't seen anything else quite like this.


    Copyright © 2007 Matthew Rutherford
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