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    Computers and Technology Links

    This is the technology corner. I've been a tech and computer freek since the early 1980's, when my dad first brought home a personal computer. The Vic20, although now a relic and mostly a game machine, could do some pretty cool things for its time. A part of me is still surprised that Commodore didn't do better.

    I dedicate a portion of this page to freeware. I am a freeware junkie. Why pay for overpriced crappy software when there are so many really great programs that are put out for free? Of course, there are always exceptions. I used to frequent the freeware newsgroups to see what cool new programs I could discover. It's always an adventure to me.

    As you can see, this page is changing. I'm reorganizing and breaking this up into smaller, more manageable catergories. I will also be adding descriptions to all these links, so you don't have to try them blindly. More to come.

    Looking for freeware? That's been moved to its own page. How about Linux? Also has its own page.

    Also, if you are interested, I've been slowly adding places to shop for geeky/tech/gadget stuff on the shopping page.

    Categories on this page:
    HTML, Web Design and Webmaster Tools
    Website Promotion
    Tech Support
    Geeky stuff - Stuff that doesn't fit into any other category
    Hardware and Software Reviews
    Vintage Technology
    Tech News
    Web/Computer Security
    Digital Cameras

    Last updated 06/10/07
    Newest items marked with a *

    Corrupted Firmware Fix* - Sad to say, I've needed this advice. However, it is good as gold, and I was able to get my Access Point up and running again.
    dd-wrt* - This is one of those projects for the true geek. If you have certain types of wireless router, you may download this third-party firmware that mods the routers capabilities. Truly amazing stuff can be done with enough brainpower. Check the list to see if your router is supported, and read the manual before doing anything that will void your warranty.
    Free Antennas* - Want to boost your wireless capabilities without spending a lot of money? This site gives schematics and instructions for building your own antennas out of things like cake pans and even cardstock and tinfoil. Really, any smooth metalic surface will do. Very cool.
    Hyper WAP* - Another third-party firmware, this one only for the Linksys WAP54G. Gives a power boost to your device while adding "a limited set of features to the last Linksys firmware, extending its possibilities but staying close to the official firmware."
    Hyper WRT Thibor* - From the site: "HyperWRT is a GPL firmware project for the Linksys WRT54G/WRT54GL/WRT54GS and WRTSL54GS wireless routers based on the latest stock Linksys firmware. The original goal of the HyperWRT project was to add a set of features--such as power boost--to the Linux-based Linksys firmware, extending its possibilities but staying close to the official firmware. Over time, it has continued to be updated with newer Linksys firmware, and incorporated many more features typically found in enterprise routing equipment. "
    Linksys Info* - Since I use several Linksys devices, it was only natural that I would stumble upon this very informative community website. Lots of smart people with probably too much time on their hands (thank goodness!) volunteer their knowledge for the common good.
    Netstumbler* - For both wardriving and checking out your own network, this is a handy tool. It gives you all sorts of information about all the wireless networks available to your machine.
    OpenWRT* - Open Source firmware written in modular form, so you can take the needed capabilities and leave the rest. Made for many wireless routers, it is basically a small, fast Linux distro that can give you the router you want.
    Seattle Wireless* - Although this site is for a group of enthusiasts in Seattle, there is a lot of useful do-it-yourself hacking information for wireless networks, including hackinga access points and building your own antenna.
    Third Party Firmware Comparison for WRT54G/GS* - As the name says, this is a comparison of the major third party firmwares for Linksys' often modded devices.
    WiPeer* - Smart little program that allows to wireless-enabled computers to share files without needing any kind of wireless router or whatnot. True peer to peer networking. Was a student project.
    Wireless.Gumph.org* - Not sure who is behind this site, but there is a lot of great wireless information, including ways to custimize and go beyond what you thought your wireless network could do. Makes wireless fun again.
    WRT Routers* - Site devoted to the highly custimizable WRT series of Linksys routers, which can use all sorts of third-party firmwares.


    HTML, Web Design and Webmaster Tools
    Add Free Stats
    Bitty Browser
    Check Domain - This site has one purpose, to let you look up domains. Very simple interface, but it does the job. Useful.
    Color Schemer Online - If you want to find that perfect color for a web page and done know your RGB or hex values, use this little time-saver.
    Cool Text Logo Creater
    CSS ZenGarden
    CSS Zengarden Resources
    Dave's Site HTML Tutorials
    DreamWeaver Depot
    Dubster's Dreamweaver Section
    Evolt - Serious help for webmasters for professional site development.
    Free Programming Resources
    HTML Goodies
    IRT.org - Nonprofit online developer site. Has lots of articles, FAQ's and more for all the current web technologies. Aims to promote the usability of the web and generally make the web a better place for all.
    Just Phukit
    Link Market
    Markup Validation Service
    Meyerweb CSS Work
    Open Source Content Management - This site has a bunch of Content Management Software installed so you can try it out, see which one you like the best. Nice concept.
    Poll Host
    Research Based Web Usibility Guide
    Rich in Style
    Seven Twenty-Four
    Site Advisor - Hosted by McAfee, this site scours the web, looking for annoying problems with web pages, so that you don't have to. Can warn you of a number of potential problems with a site you might visit. Also useful for those who want to see how their site is viewed by others.
    Stanford Web Credibility Research
    Taming the Beast
    Templates Box
    W3 Schools - Largest web developer site on the web. Lots of stuff here.
    Web Host Ratings
    Webmaster Toolkit - Great collection of useful for managing a website. Has an htaccess generator, a link checker, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and much more. Great resource.
    WebMonkey Authoring
    Web Page Design for Designers
    Web Pages that Suck
    The Web Standards Project
    Wikipedia CSS page
    World Wide Web Consortium
    Website Promotion
    100 Key Words
    Ad Land Pro free classifieds
    Backlink Checker
    EZasMagic Tools and Resources - Collection of tools to make the life of a webmaster.
    Keyword Popularity Checker
    Top 25 Web
    Virtual Promote
    Webmaster tools and resources
    We Build Pages free Search Engine Optimization tools

    Tech Support and Troubleshooting
    Annoyances.org - Microsoft have been cursed for years as a result of the strange decisions, controlling practices and "features" (aka "bugs") in their Windows software. This site aims to help the user get around these roadblocks and annoyances. Very useful place.
    Answers That Work
    Bay Wolf Support Site* - Noncommercial site, done by one man, dedicated to helping those who have Dell Inspiron and Latitude notebooks. A great deal of helpful information here. Useful to me, since my laptop is an Inspiron.
    Benchmark HQ* - Russian site (has English portion, too) that deals primarily with understanding the workings of your hardware. My favorite portion is the list of (mostly) freeware software tools.
    Black Viper
    Bleeping Computer - Community that aims to provide peer computer support. For beginners and more advanced users, too.
    Boot Disk.com
    Burn World
    CD Freaks
    Computer Gripes
    Digital Media Guide
    Dll Files
    Doug's Windows Tweaks and Tips - The name says it all. Tons of info, even spanning back to Windows 95 and 98.
    DNS Stuff.com
    Domain Tools
    Drivers Collection - Huge collection of drivers and firmware for a wide variety of hardware. Really a good source. Gives a complete description of the file you want to download.
    Driver Guide - My former favorite driver site. Has a good selection, but has a lot of awkward navagation and now requires membership (I started using it when it did not). Ah, well. Still a good resource.
    The Elder Geek
    Error Forum - As the name implies, this is a Windows-focused site that allows regular users to post questions and equally regular users to respond. Nice little community.
    Gibson Research Corporation
    Hard OCP
    I am not a Geek
    The Internet Tourbus
    IT Vibe
    Kadaitcha - Windows XP Problem Troubleshooting Resources
    Kelly's Korner - XP fixes
    Linksys Info From the site: "This site is a wealth of information to all users of Linksys Products or anyone looking for some networking help. It has been designed to enable users of Linksys devices to post issues and questions and allow other users to helpfind a solution with their products." The site is not owned by or affiliated with Cisco or Linsys.
    Mike's List
    MVPs.org - Directory site for a ton of people who are a part of Microsoft's Most Valuable Professional program. Each of the subsites have tips, links, downloads and more to help with you many aspects of Windows computing.
    My WAN IP - Does one thing; tells you what your external IP address is.
    Network Tools
    No IP - This is a cool idea for those with always on connections. Want to connect to your home computer? Hosting a website, ftp site or game hosting from your own home? This will help you keep in touch with your home IP without having to remember the numbers, just an easy-to-remember name you choose yourself. Dynamic DNS at its best.
    Old Versions
    OpenDNS - Tired of your ISP's slow DNS server? Don't even know what DNS is? Try this free service and see what you think.
    Optimize Guides - are free, easy to read, comprehensive guides for the Windows 2000, XP and Vista operating systems.
    OS News
    Outlook Express Tips* - Ways to soup up and speed up your Outlook Express installation, as well as how to back up and repair lost emails.
    Paul Thurrott's Supersite for Windows - Tons of information here. Guides, tips, reviews and showcases of everything Windows/Microsoft.
    PC Hell
    PC Interfaces 101
    Port Forward - Site that helps anyone set up their routers and understand port forwarding.
    Ramesh's Site - Quoted from the site: "This site contains registry fixes, scripts, Troubleshooting Guides and freeware utilities to resolve problems in Windows XP. The resources available in this site should help you learn, diagnose and troubleshoot the common problems you face in Windows XP. Additionally, there is a section for Internet Explorer, addressing the Frequently Asked Questions in IE." Very useful site.
    Scott Finnie's Site
    Secrets of Computer Espionage
    Shavlik - This company offers patch management for Windows, without the Windows Genuine Advantage garbage. Currently, they have a year-long free trial.
    Smart Computing - A library of computer help, tips and reviews.
    Tech Letters
    Tech Recipes - Simple hints and tips for doing a lot of little things, getting the most out of your computer or consumer technology.
    Tech Support Alert
    Tom's Networking
    Ultimate Boot CD
    Ultimate Comuter Acronym Archive
    Webstrider computer page
    What is my IP?
    The Windows and Macintosh Debate
    Windows Secrets.com
    Windows Secrets Winfind - Specialized search of 15 different expert sources to get the info you need.
    Windows XP & 2000 Support Center - An unofficial support site for XP and 2000, run by James A. Eshelman. Seems to be very extensive and comprehensive. I found this while looking for a slow shut down problem I was having, but there are many other topics that will also be of interest to anyone having Windows problems.
    Whois Source
    World of Windows Networking
    Xeniac gadget news

    Geeky stuff
    Flame Warriors Home
    Forfor Gadgets
    Hack a Day
    Think Geek
    Cool Hunting - This site gives a daily dose of technology and culture to those who seek it. Gadget lovers and followers of pop culture will enjoy this site very much.
    Hardware and Software Reviews
    AnandTech - "Your source for hardware analysis and news." They are pretty thorough and unbiased in their reviews. Great resource.
    Bios Magazine - British site that has news, reviews, opinions, white papers, and even links, gadgets and movies of the day.
    Bit Tech - Independent hardware review and PC mod site. Based in the UK.
    Build Easy PC - Practical information for building your own PC, from the components to choose, to software installation, to troubleshooting.
    Cool Tools
    The Guru of 3D - With an emphasis (but not a limit) on high performance video cards, this site gives you hardware reviews, how-to articles, and even game reviews. And the reviews are many, many pages long, with lots of detail.
    Hardcoreware - They do in-depth analysis on PC hardware, mostly components and accessories. Nice thing is, they don't pander to hardware companies.
    Hardware Analysis - Lots of hardware news, reviews and even do-it-yourself projects. Mostly computer oriented, but home theater is also featured.
    Hardware Central - Hardware reviews and price comparisons. Seems to be a lot of system reviews, as opposed to components.
    Hardware Secrets - From their site: "Hardware Secrets, a US based website, was created in 1999 to produce and distribute technical PC hardware knowledge on the Internet. It is structured and written to the entry level PC enthusiasts. The primary editorial goal is to address the lack of refined technical information on the Internet."
    My Super PC - This guy tells you how he builds his own "super" computer and what components he used. In so doing, he is also telling you how to build your own, including how to find parts and troubleshooting.
    Tom's Hardware
    Storage Review
    XS Reviews - Based in the UK, this site reviews hardware and games.
    Astalavista Security Library
    Government Security
    Hack in the Box
    Hacking Tutorials
    Infosec Writers
    Knowledge is Power
    Vintage Technology
    The C64 Portal - A portal for finding all things relating to the Commodore 64, including information, emulators, utilities and more.
    Centsible Software - This site focuses specificall on selling software for Amigas and Commodore computers. It would surprise most people to know there is still a big demand for these vintage programs.
    Commodore Computer History
    Dan's 20th Century Abandonware
    High Voltage SID Collection - Collection of music written for the SID chip found in the old Commodore 64's.
    Old Computers
    The OldSkool PC - Vintage computer info, emulators, old gamining info, old PC music and more.
    Old Software - As the name says, this site is all about the old software. In fact, it sells this old stuff to the people who hang on to their old hardware. Pretty cool stuff.
    The Space Race
    World Wide Web History Center* - To quote the site, this is a "non-profit educational organization to make public the history of the World Wide Web and preserve it for posterity."
    Tech News
    Arcane Denial
    Betanews - Originally, this site was about programs that were evolving from beta to new versions, or something (it was several years ago that I first discovered this site). Now, it appears to still have software news, but its main purpose appears to be another news aggregate for the tech world.
    ComputerWorld - Looking like a ZDNET or CNET clone, this site offers a large dose of news, opinion and technical information.
    Daily Rotation
    Information Week - Large tech news site with a business emphasis (and what site like this doesn't) that is also the home for Fred Langa's columns.
    PC World
    Recommended (blog)
    The Register
    Techgage - Tech site with hardware reviews, news reports and interest pieces. Has some great articles unique to the site.
    Tech Spot
    Tech World
    Wired - Just like the magazine, the website is devoted to tech news and opinion. Tends to be a little trendy, but very interesting.
    Web/Computer Security
    Spyware Info
    Hacker Whacker
    Protect Privacy on a Home PC
    Privacy and Spying
    Counter Exploitation
    Government Security
    ID Zap
    Bug me Not
    Spyware Warrior
    Artisolve Free Anonymizer
    Spyware and Adware Removal Help
    Online Malware Scan
    Protecting Your Privacy & Security
    Spam Primer
    Symantic Security Response
    Junkware definitions
    Spyware research
    File Research Center
    Gmail is too Creepy
    Spyware Guide
    Robware - computer forensic software
    Spyware Warrior
    Aunty Spam Internet Patrol
    Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial Email
    TOR, anonymous internet software
    IE Spyad
    Morgud PC Security
    Microsoft Shared Computer Toolkit
    Stop Badware
    The Cloak (free anonymous web surfing)
    Peacefire (electronic anticensorship)
    (In)Secure Mag
    Password Calculator - Handy little web utility that allows you to check how secure any given password (based on parameters you set, not by entering the password itself) really is.
    Password Recovery Speeds - How long will your password stand up? Calculated results of how long various lengths and types of passwords will hold up against brute force attacks.
    Protecting Your Search Privacy: A Flowchart To Tracks You Leave Behind - Article on just what you leave behind when you search on the web, who are the worst offenders and what you can do about it.
    End Junk - Free and pay email service that gives you the edge in the fight against spam, without installing any software. It forwards email to your real account and identifies the source of any spam. Offers antivirus protection, too.
    MailEater.com - This site provides free disposable email addresses for you to use when you don't want to give out your "real" email account.
    Spam Poison - Traps automatic spambots scanning the web by feeding them tons of fake emails, poisoning their list. Pretty interesting idea.
    The Anonymous Email - Free service with pay features that allows you to send and receive emails completely anonymously.
    Scroogle* - Get Google search engine results without giving up your privacy. Scroogle scrapes away the tracking techniques used by Google and still gives you the good search results. These guys are advocates of privacy and are doing their part to make the web a better place.
    Antenna on the Cheap (Chip)* - The original Pringles can antenna, made for your wireless pleasure. For under $7, you too can make your own zoom antenna.
    Broadband Reports - Great site with a lot of tools and tips (and even a forum) that lets you tweak and improve your broadband connection. Most famous for their speed tests. Good stuff.
    JoeJoe.org* - Site focused on Windows XP and Vista, with guides, tweaks and hacks. Also, downloads. Lots of downloads, including skins and visual mods for the aforementioned operating systems.
    Longhorn Reloaded* - There are a dedicated group of guys over at JoeJoe.org who dislike what happened after Longhorn became Vista. They are busy taking the original longhorn distribution and playing with and modding it, with some interesting results. We shall see how Microsoft reacts, but for now, a very interesting project.
    OpenDNS - Rather than rely on your ISP's DNS service, give this one a try. It is fast and does not add any advertisements to your browsing experience, unless you hit a URL that doesn't exist.
    Optimize Guides - Focused primarily on Windows XP but much is applicable to the other Windows, this site is a large compendium of information and links. Also has a lot of freeware links, too.
    OZ Cable Guy* - This Australian one-man site has a wealth of information about networking with a variety of Windows versions, as well as reviews and how-to's. Very nice.
    Petri.co.il (free MCSE info)  
    Practically Networked
    Speed Guide
    Speakeasy Speed Test - Want to make sure you are getting the internet speeds you are paying for. Give this test a whirl, see what you really get.
    Turn off Unneeded XP Services
    Tweak3d - This site focuses both on tweaking software and hardware, offers guides, reveiws and even a forum for that extra-hard tweak.
    Digital Cameras
    Camcorder Info* - Focuses on reviews, comparisons, buying guides, prices and news of all the major brands of camcorders.
    Digital Cameras HQ - This site has several guides on how to buy a digital camera and allows you to look and compare models by feature or price.
    Digital Photography Review - Nice site that gives a fairly comprehensive look at the cameras and the technology available today. Great resource when looking for a new camera.


    Copyright © 2007 Matthew Rutherford
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