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    Lacuna.us Shopping Links

    This is not a link to every big shopping center on the web. Rather, it is a link to places I have purchased items at or would like to make a purchase, or have used to help me make an informed choice about shopping. In other words, these have been useful to me at one point or another. Enjoy.

    P.S. I make no money off of these links. Really.

    Last updated 06/10/07
    Newest items marked with a *

    Book Buying
    1st Bookstore
    ABE Books
    All Discount Books
    Author House
    Best Book Buys
    Books A Million
    Book Finder
    Book Pool
    Book Surge
    A Clean, Well-Lighted Place for Books
    Direct Textbook - Site that performs a metasearch for books across multiple sites, allowing you to see the cheapest source.
    Cyber Read
    Ebook Mall
    Ebooks on the Net
    Green Metropolis
    Tattered Cover
    Thrift Books
    Zooba* - A kind of book club where the hardback books are all $9.95 with free shipping.
    Car Shopping
    Automotive Guru
    Car Buying Tips
    Car Clicks
    Consumer Guide - In depth information about cars. Now a part of How Stuff Works.
    Consumer Reports
    Fighting Chance (Car buying help)
    Kelly Blue Book
    Insider's Car Buying Guide
    Online Shopping
    A Different Drum - Independent synthpop label and CD store. Specializes in getting hard to find stuff and putting out maxi-singles on CD. They have also been promoting the synthpop scene with yearly music festivals.
    Anti Rebate.com - Nice little site that helps you find the best deals on the web that don't require waiting for a rebate check. Make sure to check often and move fast on a deal.
    Become.com - Is it a search engine? Is it a shopping tool? Research tool? Price comparison tool? All that and more? Now, when I do any shopping for tech, I look here for reviews and price comparisons and such.
    Ben's Bargains - Site that lists sale prices, rebate prices, coupons and other deals, for a variety of goods, from tech to clothing to food to tools to much more. Also has some freebie giveaway deals, too.
    Best Online Coupons and Deals - Good place to find good web shopping deals, especially for consumer electronics.
    Best Web Buys - Search for deals on this site by store or by price comparison. Primarily books and movies, but has other types of items, as well.
    Cheat at Shopping
    Coupons Incorporated - Find coupons and deals for consumer electronics and home appliances.
    Deal Catcher - These guys show hot deals for you to check out, and offer digital coupons for redemption when you place orders online.
    Deal News - Another deal listing source. Primarily has computer and tech stuff, but also listed are office supplies, clothing and home and garden.
    Deal of the Day - Another deal-listing site, with tons of categories. One nice feature is they list which ones are about to expire soon (so you can take advantage before it expires, of course).
    Deal Sea
    DVD Planet - Shop for DVD deals here. Lots of DVD's listed for decent prices. Has movie news (i.e. when DVD's will be released and whatnot).
    eDeal Info - This site is constantly adding more deals for you to check out across the web. As they say, "nothing is expensive anymore."
    Fat Wallet
    EMF Safety
    Deal Sea
    Furniture Buying Tips
    Price Scan - Price comparison site. Find the lowest price.
    Shoes.com* - Great prices, great place to buy shoes and sandles. Free shipping, no tax and great return policy.
    Shoebuy - Simple idea. Buys shoes, sandles, whatever, here, with free shipping, no tax, and no hassle returns.
    Shopping.com - Comparison shopping at its best. Has product info, customer ratings for products, store rankings and more.
    SlickDeals.net - Users of this site supply the news. Good shopping deals that can save the shrewd shopper a bundle. Features rebales.
    Synth Site - Purchase synthesizers, read about musicians who play them, and more.
    Synthzone - Great place with great prices for buying synthesizers.
    Woot! - Every day, a different deal is offered. Could be a gadget. Could be a whizmo. Who knows? But hurry! It could easily sell out before the day's over.
    Yugster - A lot like Woot, but with a different name.
    Tech Shopping
    Den Guru - Tech shopping, with an emphasis on home entertainment and consumer electronics. But really, they have a little of everything.
    Firebox - This is a fun site to just window-shop, but the stuff they carry looks like a ton of fun, too. Geeky, fun, tech toys. Fun little games, goofy little toys. Fun junk for the older child in al of us.
    Geeks.com - Shopping stop for all things geek/computer related. Usually has decent prices.
    Mwave - Tech and electronic gadget shopping center. They seem to have a big selection, too.
    New Egg - Every so often, I find great deals on computer parts through these guys. Never had a problem with them.
    PC Universe
    Super Media Store - These guys sell recordable CD's, DVD's, Blu-rays, HD DVD's, flash memory devices, storage tapes and the like. Very specific type of store, but lots of good stuff.
    Tiger Direct
    ZipZoomFly - Strange name, but a decent-looking store with computer parts and tech gadgets and nice prices.
    Home Shopping
    Zillow - Estimates the value of your house and any other house around you (or anywhere else) based on publicly available data. Has a nice map, similar to Google's.


    Copyright © 2007 Matthew Rutherford
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