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    Search and Research Resources and other useful things on the web

    Last Updated 06/10/07
    Newest items marked with a *

    Research Resources
    Coral Content Distribution Network (web archives)
    Dangerous Places
    Digital Library Magazine
    Directory of Open Access Journals
    EEVL Xtra
    Find Articles
    Flags of the World
    Ghost Sites
    Gray Literature - Resources for finding unpublished research.
    The Infography
    Iowa Scholar's Desktop Resources
    Journal Watch - Headlines and news summaries on the latest research from medical and related science journals.
    Library and Information Science News
    Lonely Planet
    News wise - Knowledge-based news source
    Nutrition Journal - Freely accessible science journal about nutrition
    PubMed Central - U.S. National Institute of Health's free biomedical and life science journal archive
    Resource Shelf
    Rosetta Project
    Search ERIC
    Search Public Records
    Suite 101 - Online magazine with over 2000 articles written by 300 experts on a variety of topics. A lot to explore, here, but well worth it.
    Textfiles.com - Semi-historical documents from the early days of the web (actually, the BBS days). Lots of stuff on a wide variety of subjects. gives a fascinating look into the hazy history from which the modern web has emerged.
    1911 Encyclopedia Brittanica
    Answer Bag
    Ask the Builder
    Bartleby Reference
    CIA World Factbook
    City Town Info.com
    City Data.com
    eHow - Site that tells you how to do just about everything. Lots of categories to choose from.
    Encyclopedia Britannica
    Encyclopedia Mythica
    Encyclopedia of the Nations
    Fact Archive
    The Free Dictionary
    Harry S. Truman Presidential Library
    Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (Earth ed.)
    How Stuff Works
    Internet Collegiate Reference
    John C. Dvorak's Personal Portal
    Lexical FreeNet Connected thesaurus
    Librarian's Internet Index - A publicly funded website that culls the best of the web and puts it in a newsletter. The website is the archive of those useful sites they have found. Created by librarians for librarians, and everyone else is allowed to look in as well.
    Library of Congress World Portals
    Library Spot
    Martindale's Reference Desk
    Merlot - multimedia educational resource
    Old Superstitions
    Open Courseware
    Open Site
    So You Wanna
    Tech Books for Free
    Textbook Revolution
    Wikibooks - Books on a wide range of subject, all nonfiction, put together by users of the site. A collaborative effort similar to Wikipedia. A great deal of projects there, from ones just begun, to fully finished products.
    WikiHow* - "The How-to manual that you can edit." Lots of informative topics covered.
    World Atlas
    Search and Search Engines
    Alexa - A company that has been around a while, Alexa is trying to catalog the internet. They have traffic rankings and related links. They also have services for webmasters.
    Clusty the Clustering Engine
    Complete Planet - The Deep Web Directory. A lot of info available.
    Global Yellow Pages
    Google Alert
    Incywincy net research server
    Infomine - Another resource made by librarians. See? There is more to them than books. From the site: "INFOMINE is a virtual library of Internet resources relevant to faculty, students, and research staff at the university level. It contains useful Internet resources such as databases, electronic journals, electronic books, bulletin boards, mailing lists, online library card catalogs, articles, directories of researchers, and many other types of information.
    Internet Public Library - The first public library of and for the Internet community. They find and evaluate information and sites for the web users.
    The Invisible Web
    The Invisible Web Revealed
    Jux2 Metasearch
    Local.com - Search for local businesses and services
    Narly Time
    Niche Searches from PCMag
    Net Detective
    Omni Medical Search
    Open Directory Project
    Pretrieve people finder
    Research Buzz
    Scroogle* - Get Google search engine results without giving up your privacy. Scroogle scrapes away the tracking techniques used by Google and still gives you the good search results. These guys are advocates of privacy and are doing their part to make the web a better place.
    Search Engine Journal
    Search Engine Resources
    Search Engine Watch
    Searching the Internet
    Sensible Search
    Turbo 10
    Which Engine to use
    Wikiseek - A better way to search Wikipedia.
    Yahoo! Mindset search
    Zaba Search (people finder)

    American Council on Science and Health - This is "a consumer education consortium concerned with issues related to food, nutrition, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, lifestyle, the environment and health. ACSH is an independent, nonprofit, tax-exempt organization . . . . .ACSH was founded in 1978 by a group of scientists who had become concerned that many important public policies related to health and the environment did not have a sound scientific basis. These scientists created the organization to add reason and balance to debates about public health issues and bring common sense views to the public."
    American Museum of Natural History
    Ancient World Web
    Application of Science & Technology
    Astronomy Picture of the Day
    Bad Astronomy
    Bad Science - Articles published since 2003 are archived here. Topics range from health scams to misunderstandings about technology and blatant public policy errors based on said misunderstandings.
    Center for Science in the Public Interest
    Federation of American Scientists
    Foresight Institute - nanotechnology
    IEEE Virtual Museum
    Junk Science - Website dedicated to exposing junk science, which they define as "faulty scientific data and analysis used to advance special and, often, hidden agendas." Focuses a great deal on global warming myths.
    Kurzweil AI
    Live Science
    Mega Fauna
    Museum of Unworkable Devices
    Science Daily Magazine
    New Scientist
    Nasa's Planet Quest
    Physicians & Scientists for Responsible . . . .
    Phys Org
    Plastic Noodle - robotics
    Politics and Science
    The Quest for the Theory of Everything
    Race for the Superbomb PBS special
    SciCentral (science news)
    Science Central.com
    Science News
    Science Through the Eyes of Nye
    Scientific American
    Snow Crystals
    Spacefllight Now - Science news site with free and premium content. Has an emphasis on space-focused news and science..
    Space Ref
    Union of Concerned Scientists
    Web Exhibits

    Utilities/Useful Stuff

    World clock
    World Time Server
    WWW Unit Converter

    Universal Currency Converter
    Tips to Improve Your Handwriting
    Free Sound Project
    How to do Stuff Podcast
    Calculate your Body Mass Index
    The Best of Everything (on the web)
    Colorblindness Test
    Gas Buddy
    You Send It
    Utah Sex Offenders Search
    Map Sex Offenders.com
    Reuters Currency Converter
    Cost of Living Calculator
    U.S. Zip Code Map
    Time and Date.com
    How to do Stuff
    Country Calling Codes
    Daily Calorie Calculator
    E-Health Insurance
    Shiny Feet
    Reverse Phone Directory
    Metric Conversions
    Zone Edit (dynamic DNS)
    No IP (Dynamic DNS)
    Old Farmer's Almanac - online version of the old almanac originally started by Ben Franklin. Has lots of interesting and useful information.
    Touch Typing Speed Test - Easy to perform test that seems pretty accurate. Even shows you how many errors you make during the test.
    Earth Calendar - Ever wanted to know what holidays are celebrated by whom, on any given day? Could be for a practical reason, could be for fun, but it is always interesting to see. You can view by region, religion, or even search by date.
    Weather Underground - As far as I know, there is no actual weather reported underground, but this site is a nice resource, good interface and not bogged down by too many ads.

    David Rumsey Map Collection
    John R. Borchert Map Library - Wonderful and extensive map resource.
    National Map Viewer - Part of the U.S. Geological Survey website (a .gov domain), this site has a bunch of different U.S.-centric maps to view and interact with. Has some nice map tools to let you zoom in, measure and more.
    Strange Maps - Blog that regularly posts odd maps that have been created for a great variety of reasons. Don't know where he finds all of these, but they are interesting to view, and he ususally gives the history behind the map, as well.
    Topozone - Professional and recreational map center, topo maps of the entire U.S. Some personlization features and professional service round this site out.
    Job Searching
    Any Career
    Payscale.com - Site whose mission is to give accurate information about how much to expect, on avarage, for various job titles across the U.S.


    Copyright © 2007 Matthew Rutherford
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