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    Politics, Activism and Liberty Links

    Last updated 06/10/07
    Newest items marked with a *

    Activism, nonpolitical
    Air Travel Health News
    Against TCPA
    Americans Deserve Privacy
    American Family Association
    Beyond Intractability - constructive approach to conflict
    Center for Science in the Public Interest
    Citizens against Ugly Street Spam
    Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial Email
    Comic Book Legal Defense Fund
    The Corporation
    Democracy in Action
    Dugway Proving Ground Survivors
    End Daylight Savings Time
    Fathers for Life
    Friends of Animals
    Fur is Dead
    Human Rights Watch - Worldwide human rights advocates
    The Institute for Media Education
    Kevin Fights Back (against Pharmaceuticals)
    Merchants of Deception
    MLM Watch
    MLM Watchdog
    Moms Against Mercury
    Mormons for Equality and Social Justice
    Oceans Alive - Advocacy site for preserving ocean live and habitats
    Open Rights Group
    Organic Consumers Association - This group describes themselves as a "grassroots non-profit public interest organization campaigning for health, justice, and sustainability." Their interest is in promoting strict organic standards for the USDA.
    Peacefire (freedom of speech on the web)
    PETA Kills Animals
    Plain English
    Prevent Tragedy
    Protect.org - National Association to PROTECT Chilrdren. As the name states, this is an organization dedicated to protecting children by advocacy, education and legal representation of this segment of society that has such a small voice.
    Public Citizen (consumer advocate)
    Save Disney
    Scroogle* - Get Google search engine results without giving up your privacy. Scroogle scrapes away the tracking techniques used by Google and still gives you the good search results. These guys are advocates of privacy and are doing their part to make the web a better place.
    Sierra Club
    Vector Marketing scam
    Walmart Workers of Michigan

    Centre for Research on Globalization - A lot of international news reported. This site is something of a watchdog against government abuses and the overall tendency toward globalization that we currently find ourselves in. Canadian based site, but covers the world.
    Council on Foreign Relations - From the site: "The Council is an independent membership organization and a nonpartisan think tank and publisher . . . . It has no affiliation with the U.S. government or any other government." The website has a plethora of information about a wide range of international topics.
    Europa - Institution of the EU
    The European Union and Globalization
    Globalism News
    International Political Economy
    Links and Resources for the NWO
    One World? Don't Blame Globalization
    USA Survival* - Site with strong anti-globalization and one-world government. The aim of this site is to "publicly (expose) the U.N.'s schemes to destroy America's independence and freedom."
    World Governement Awareness
    Yale Global Online
    News alternatives
    Accuracy in Media
    Alternative Press Index
    Buzz Flash
    Common Dreams
    Consortium News
    CrissCross News
    Drudge Report
    Earth Times
    The Emporer's new clothes
    Ether Zone
    EU Observer
    Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting
    Good magazine - A magazine for people who give "a damn," this periodical tries to focus on meaningful topics. Full of articles with substance, Good tries to add value, rather than dumb us down.
    Google news
    Great News Network
    Guerrilla News
    Happy News - This site attempts to focus on more positive news articles that get missed by the mainstream media.
    Information Clearing House
    Liberty Post
    The Memory Hole - Russ Kick's site on preserving the hidden past. Quoted from the site, its purpose is "to preserve and spread material that is in danger of being lost, is hard to find, or is not widely known."
    Mother Jones - Billing themselves as smart, fearless journalism, this site has a leftist slant, but makes good on their promise. Highly critical of the Bush administration and the war in Iraq.
    News is Free
    News Index
    News Making News
    News Register web archive
    News Target
    News Trolls
    News with Views* - Very definite conservative Christians reporting on the news from their own slant. Some anti-communism stuff, anti-pharmaceuticals, anti-pork and some conspiracy stuff, but despite that, some interesting news.
    The Raw Story
    Regret the Error
    Ten by Ten
    TV News Lies
    Voice of the Republic
    Worldnet Daily

    Political Activism - from all sides
    Age-Free Restrictions
    Alliance for Nuclear Accountability
    American Civil Liberty Union
    Americans Deserve Privacy
    Americas.org - human rights advocates in a global community
    Anti DMCA site
    Bill of Rights Defense Committee
    Center for Democracy and Technology
    Concerned Women for America
    Conservative Petitions
    Council for the National Interest
    Electronic Frontier Foundation
    Eyeballing Iraq Kill and Maim
    For our Grandchildren
    Free Republic
    Friends of the Border Patrol
    Get us out of the UN
    Independent Court.org
    Independence Institute
    International Organization of Heterosexual Rights
    International Society for Individual Liberty
    IP Watch Dog
    Life Issues (pro life)
    Life, Liberty, Pursuit of Happiness
    Media Transparency
    Mind Justice - Activists against mind control and freedom from technologies that target the brain and nervous system.
    The National Alliance
    National Right to Life
    National Vanguard
    Not in Our Name - Anti-war site. Their goal is to protest a war they consider unjust that is being waged in their name. Iraq and Afghanistan and any other war that may come up in response to 9/11.
    Open the Government
    Overthrow the Government
    Pages of Controversy
    The Public Voice
    Red Umbrellas
    Save the Males
    Save the Internet - A group whose desire is to keep the web neutral and not allow bigger sites to pay for preferential treatment.
    Southern Poverty Law Center
    Stop the FTAA
    Strike the Root
    Voluntary Human Extinction Movement
    Politically Incorrect Writings
    Fred on Everything
    John Leo
    La Griffe du Lion
    Michael Savage
    Steve Sailer
    Wake Up, U.S.
    Politics - Left Wing
    The American Prospect
    Bad Subjects
    The Beast - Billed as America's Best Friend, the Beast is a humorous magazine filled with liberal editorials.
    Conceptual Guerilla
    Daily Kos
    Hannity is a Moron
    Liberty Watch
    Media Matters
    Media Whores
    Noam Chomsky Online Archive
    Official Noam Chomsky Site
    People for the American Way
    Scott Bidstrup's Pages
    Second Page Media
    Socialist Worker
    Take Back the Media
    Talk Left - The Politics of Crime
    Tom Paine.common sense
    Too Stupid to be President
    Working for Change
    Politics - Centrist or Neutral
    American Policy Center
    The American Presidency
    Capital Eye
    Center for American Progress
    Centrist Coalition
    Center for Public Integrity
    Cook Political Report
    Fact Check
    The Free State Project
    Follow your Money
    GovtTrack.us - This site is an automated news gatherer that focuses on what's happening in the U.S. Congress.
    Health Vote
    The Hill
    History of American Political Parties
    Lew Rockwell.com
    Move America Forward
    The Nation
    No Treason
    On the Issues - Site that takes the voting records and public statements of U.S. politicians and compiles them into one useful place. Look up candidates and see who is actually representing that in which you believe.
    Open Secrets
    Open Secrets
    Ornery American
    Pew Global Attitudes Projects - A series of worldwide public surveys covering a broad array of subjects. They have done more than 100,000 interviews in over 50 countries.
    Political State Report
    Political Theory Daily Review
    Polling Report.com - Nonpartisan site that complies polling information from a variety of sources. Focuses on American interests.
    Preserving Life and Liberty
    Radical PolYtics - A site for those who question the current state of politics in the USA. Has some documents and a community, via their forum.
    Rasmussen Report - An electronic publishing firm specializing in polling information. They cover politics, business and economy, lifestyle information and current events.
    Real Change
    Reason Online
    Sue the Government
    Taxpayer and Consumer Rights
    Think Progress
    Vote Smart
    Watch Blog
    White House for Sale
    World Public Opinion.org - From the site: "WorldPublicOpinion.org is a website dedicated to objective analysis of public opinion on international policy issues."
    Yahoo directory of US political parties
    Zogby International - International polling company that is independent and nonpartisan. Useful polling statistics and such on the site.

    Politics - Right Wing
    The American Conservative
    American Patriot Friends Network
    Ann Coulter
    Back to the Mainstream
    Conservative Petitions
    The Conservative Voice
    Conservative Webring
    Dumb Celebrities
    Exegesis commentary
    Freedom Keys
    Free Republic
    Friends of Liberty
    Glen Beck - Surprising such a conservative voice would be on CNN, but this guy has a lot of interesting things to say about political candidates, border issues, freedom in America, and more. It was after I grew to like him that I found out he is Mormon.
    Human Events Online
    Liberty Counsel
    Michelle Malkin
    Moore Lies
    Moore Watch
    The New American
    The New Media Journal - This is an independent, conservative-leaning site that gathers news and opinions from around the web. But I hesitate to call it a news site, because they have a writing staff and post their own editorials.
    No Agenda.org
    Political Party Poop - Blog-format conservative site that is happy to take aim at liberals and their inconsistencies. Very forceful assertions against the Left, but also does criticize the Right.
    The Power Vacuum
    Rather Biased
    Right Wing News
    The War Room
    RIAA, MPAA, Intellectual Property, P2P
    9 Down
    Against TCPA
    Auto Gordian Knot
    Boycott RIAA - Take a stand against the recording industry. Very passionate, very vocal, and in my humble opinion, very relevant. These guys are, as the name says, strongly opposed to the tyrant, the RIAA.
    Campaign for Open Digital Environment
    CD Media World
    Chilling Effects - Site that helps you know your online rights. Superb information.
    Cool P2P Software - List of P2P software, including some "darknet" (or anonymous) ones.
    Creative Commons - A way to find pictures, sounds, text and video files, but I'm all are legally free. Not just a way to find free content, but also a way of life (or at least a way to share your work with others in a free way). You've heard of copyright. This is copyleft.
    Doom 9
    Downhill Battle - To quote the site, "Downhill Battle is a non-profit organization working to support participatory culture and build a fairer music industry." Lots of info and ways to to get involved.
    DRM Trainwrecks - Del.icio.us links to pages exemplifying why DRM is not good for the end user.
    File Sharing Place (and torrent searcher)
    Free Network Project - Strictly speaking, not a traditional P2P project. This is more about building an anonymous and scalable network that allows anyone to publish anything. I see this as the best hope of keeping the internet free (and freedom of speech available), if our government (USA) continues to strip away our rights.
    eBook Share - ebook torrent site. Mostly tech books.
    Info Anarchy
    Infringement FAQ - Common questions answered by Phoenix Labs for people worried about being accused of copyright infringement.
    ISO Hunt - Bit torrent search site and P2P news. Currently being sued for their actions.
    Legal Torrents* - Who says downloading has to be illegal. All of these are legal files, either in public domain or a license allowing free distribution. Only downloadable by bittorrent.
    Make a Backup
    MP3 Board
    Open P2P
    Open Rights Group - This group attemps to raise awareness of digital rights abuse and extend civil liberties to the digital world. I think they do very important work.
    The Pirate Bay - Torrent Search
    The Problem of Copyright
    Public Domain Torrents - For those who don't mind older movies and such, this site is a directory of films that have gone into the public domain. They are downloadable with a bit torrent client. These are usuall fast downloads, despite the size of the file. However, broadband is the best way to go. Interesting choices available for those who are interested.
    Public Knowledge
    Recording Industry vs. the People - Written on a blog, this site has tons of information about . . . well, the recording industry and their lack of respect for their customers.
    Respect Copyrights
    RIAA Radar
    R.I.G.H.T.S - Stands for Redistribution in Graphics Has Got To Stop. This is not a group, but a site with which to educate one's self about copyright law and respecting the works of others. Focuses on graphics, but can be applicable in many other ways.
    Should Exist
    Torrent Scan - Search multiple torrent search sites from one location.
    Types of Infringement Letters - Get a letter from your ISP saying you are infringing? Get the facts and know just what type of letter was sent to you.
    Unite the Cows
    When Copyright is Wrong
    Zeropaid - Not sure what's the best P2P client? Want to try something new? Explore the scene? Chat about the current issues? Read news about the current issues? This site has a little of everything.

    Self Determinism/Personal Liberty
    Capitalism Magazine
    Freedom Force International
    Michael Savage
    Post 9/11 Timeline
    Supreme Law Library
    Unamerican - free speech
    State's Rights & Civil Liberties
    14th Amendment Citizenship explained
    American Citizenship vs U.S. citizenship
    Bare Foot's World
    Civil Liberties.com
    The Constitution society
    Dave Kopel's 2nd Amendment site
    Gun Show on the Net
    International Society for Individual Liberty
    Just Say no to Police Searches
    Keep and Bear Arms
    Patriot Media
    The Rutherford Institute
    State Watch
    U.S.A. the Republic - How you lost it
    White Paper on State Citizenship
    Political Blogs
    Able Danger Blog
    The Art of the Blog
    Jeff Matthews is not Making This Up
    Hundred Percenter News
    Uncommon Sense
    V. Edward Martin's Blog of Critical Thinking
    The Volokh Conspiracy
    Wuzza Dem.com
    American Civil Liberties Union
    Debunking arguments against privacy
    Do it Yourself: Stop Junkmail
    Don't Spy on Us
    Electronic Frontier Foundation
    Electronic Privacy info
    How to disappear
    Identity Theft
    The Practical Nomad - has privacy
    Privacy Digest
    Privacy International
    Privacy journal
    Privacy Rights Clearing House
    Security Management
    Stop RFID
    Supermarket Privacy
    the Surveillance Camera Players
    Universal Transparency
    Unreal ID
    Vanishing Point
    Your Evil Twin

    Flag.Blackened.net - From the site: "run by individuals committed to the expression of free ideas; flag has provided free web space for anarchist thinkers since 1996."
    Kate Sharpley Library - Apparantly an unsung hero of anarchists, this site honors her memory by archiving a bunch of anarcy and anti-war texts.
    The Memory Hole - Anarchist-themed site that attempts to archive all sorts of documents not generally found on mainstream websites. This is not the same Memory Hole site that Russ Kick maintains.


    Copyright © 2007 Matthew Rutherford
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