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    Critical Thinking and Philosophy Links

    Last Updated 03/27/07
    Newest items marked with a *

    Hoax Debunkers/Fact Finders
    The James Randi Education Foundation
    Christians and conspiracy theories
    The Straight Dope
    Urban Legends - archived version
    Make Money Fast Hall of Humiliation
    National Fraud Information Center
    Snopes Urban Legends
    Holy Smoke
    Museum of Hoaxes
    Moon landing not faked
    Watching You
    Junk Science - Website dedicated to exposing junk science, which they define as "faulty scientific data and analysis used to advance special and, often, hidden agendas." Focuses a great deal on global warming myths.
    Competetive Enteprise Institute
    Worldwide Scam Network
    Fact Check
    What didn't really Happen
    A Case against the Bible
    Scientifically investigating the Paranormal
    Baloney Watch
    Church of Reality
    Clavius - Debunking the moon hoax
    F-Secure Email Hoax Warnings
    Frauds and Scams
    Crimes of Persuasion
    Make Money Fast Hall of Humiliation
    Cult News
    Truth or Fiction
    Hoax Slayer
    Bad Science* - Articles published since 2003 are archived here. Topics range from health scams to misunderstandings about technology and blatant public policy errors based on said misunderstandings.
    Critical Thinking/Logic
    Critical Thinking on the Web
    Fallacy Files
    Epistome Links
    Best Critical Thought on the Web
    Books Online
    Book Talk
    Logical Fallacies
    Henry Hazlitt e-texts
    Critical Thinking Exercises
    Critical Thinking Portal
    Dictionary of the History of Ideas
    The Church of Critical Thinking
    The Nizkor Project list of Fallacies
    Skeptic's Dictionary - From the site, "A Collection of Strange Beliefs, Amusing Deceptions, and Dangerous Delusions." Of course, it is all nicely alphabetized.
    Skeptic friends
    The Skeptic Web
    Skeptic Report
    Skeptic News
    Skeptico Blog* - Continually updated blog that provides "critical thinking in an irrational world." Hits heavy subjects like alternative medicine, paranormal, astrology, spiritualism and more.
    The Skeptic Tank
    Critical Thinking Community
    The Skeptic's Annotated Bible
    Skeptic Wiki* - The encyclopedia of science and critical thinking that anyone can edit.
    Propaganda Critic
    American Rhetoric
    Propaganda Techniques
    PR Watch
    PR Bop
    Propaganda Critic
    The Doors of Perception
    We Love the Iraqi Information Minister
    Rewriting Reality
    Classic Persuasion
    Attitude Channeling and Brainwashing
    Propaganda Techniques
    Propaganda Primer
    Center for Media and Democracy
    Erratic Impact Philosophy Research Base
    Guide to Philosophy on the web
    MIT Philosophy links
    Internet Encyclopedia Philosophy
    Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
    Ken Wilber Online

    Society of Philosophical Inquiry
    Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
    Friesian School of Philosophy
    Epistemy Links
    Popular Culture Deconstructed/Critiqued
    Snark Hunting
    Cliche Finder
    Generational Terrorists
    Illegal Art
    The Black Table
    Web Snark
    Ephemera Now
    Crazy Fads
    Adventures in Advertising
    The Simon


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